Nairobi is a beautiful city offering wonderful scenic routes. We’ve cherry-picked the best running routes in and around the city for all participants to explore and run. These will amaze you, no matter how well you think you know the city.


A popular recreational park for residents, the park is a great space for runs, long walks, picnics and tranquility. It is home to hundreds of indigenous and exotic species of plants and birds.

Ngong Road Forest SANCTUARY

Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary, a natural forest in Nairobi is often introduced as a chance to pause and think afresh, to step away from the rough & tumble of the city life and move forward.

Karura Forest

This urban forest is home to around 50 km of nature trails for walking, running and biking and is emerging as a top tourist attraction in recent years. This is a lush sight if you re in Nairobi.

Oloolua Nature Trail

The nature trail offers ample opportunities for distance running, leisurely walks for individuals and groups. It is home to an indigenous tropical forest with caves, waterfalls, swamps.

Runda Estate

One of the best neighborhoods when it comes to road running. Many of the main streets are tree-lined with well-kempt sidewalks. It also has rural roads that are quiet and scenic.

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